Each lodge has been licensced by the National Park to provide food and sleeping accomodations at a standard fixed price. At any of these lodges you will be provided a clean bed in a clean room, and offered your choice of savory homemade Nepali dishes (also at fixed and reasonable prices.) Above all you will be greeted with sincere hospitality and the chance to become, for a brief time, part of a Sherpa family.
Yangrima Lodge is located at the top of the village, and offers spectacular views of the valley.
You won't find a better dahl baht than that prepared by Meena at the Mountain Gate Way lodge, (the very same buildings featured in the wedding scene of Himalayan Herders!)
Situated right next to the village Gompa, Tashi Dhelck Lodge is small and friendly, and boasts a beautiful summer garden.
The Sun Lodge is the oldest lodge in the village, owned by a kind and venerable old couple.
There is always something going on at the Wild View Lodge, be it in the village's only gift and snack shop, or the renovated dining room complete with pot-bellied stove.
In close proximity to the village center, The Himalaya Lama Lodge offers new buildings and modern facilities.
If you enter Melemchi from the high route, the Greenland will be one of the first lodges you see.
Located below the village at the river crossing. The perfect place to stop for tea on your way down, or a good night's rest before you start up.